Cloth & Memory {2} – August 2013

Cloth holds the memory of our time and connects us with the memories of other times and other places…

Cloth and Memory {2} is a site-specific exhibition located in the UNESCO World Heritage Site: Salts Mill, Saltaire Yorkshire UK, which is also an anchor point in the European Route of Industrial Heritage. The exhibition features 23 artists drawn from a UK and international cohort and runs from August 18th to November 3rd 2013.

Cloth and Memory {2} builds on knowledge gained in our first exhibition, however it is a very different experience. It takes place in the original Spinning Room (known as The Lobby), which at 168m x 16m, when first built was thought to be the largest industrial room in the world. Apart from a new roof, it has not been restored or refurbished, and is not normally open to the public. The extraordinary internal architecture with its peeling walls and floors still retain the marks and smells of its original use.

An international group of artists were invited to visit Salts in order to propose work as a response to the site. From these proposals 23 artists were selected: 14 from the UK, 7 from Japan, 1 from Germany, 1 from Norway, representing emerging, early career and established artists. All the work engages with the palpable history of place that is evident at Salts Mill and The Lobby in particular, and range from large scale interventions in space to highly intimate placings within the fabric of the building.

CM2-artist-Yoriko-Yoneyama-Japan CM2-artist-Yoriko-Yoneyama-Japan2

I particularly like Yoriko Yoneyama’s piece, pictured above.  Her installation will comprise a large scale (8m x 2m)  suspended web of dried rice threaded on fine cotton. Each translucent grain of rice placed on the thread by hand. Her intention is to link those overlooked elements which are essential to our survival and our cultural heritage: food and clothing – rice and fibre.

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